General Info

Trademarks are used to protect brand and product names, designs, and logos. Before obtaining a trademark, the brand name or design must be "used in commerce," meaning you have to put it on a product, used the brand to advertise, or something else that proves it was used and capable of being seen by third-parties.

Most Often Used For

Trademarks are most often used to secure intellectual property rights and protect a brand or product name, logo, or design. Trademarks, when attached to successful products, services, or technologies, increase the goodwill of a company, thus enhancing a company's overall value to potential buyers or acquirers.

Types + Pricing

More often than not, you want a federal trademark rather than a state trademark because federal trademarks protect your intellectual property in the entire US. Below is our pricing for federal trademarks. From start to finish, filing and obtaining full approval of a registered trademark can take 12 months or longer. Trademark search + legal opinion (per mark): $975

  • Includes state and federal trademark database searches, domain name database searches, and international trademark database searches (if necessary). We then provide a legal opinion on whether proposed names or designs will obtain trademark approval or be rejected. Additionally, the legal opinion includes an assessment of the risk level for litigating USPTO rejection letters and any potential trademark infringement litigation. Outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Previous results are not indicative of and do not guarantee future outcomes.
What happens if another registered trademark is similar to my proposed one?
  • If our research turns up a similar trademark and we conclude that your proposed mark should be changed or altered because of a conflict with an existing registered trademark, we only charge $250 for work done if you choose not to proceed. If you alter your proposed mark and proceed with registration, we conduct another trademark search and render another legal opinion, charging the full rate.
Trademark Filing Fees: $675
  • If you choose to proceed after receiving our legal opinion and making any necessary changes to your mark, we file to register your mark for one (1) goods or services class (the cost of one (1) class is included in the fee above).
  • If you wish to file for additional classes, each additional good or service class filing will be passed through to you at cost.
  • Goods class filings cost $225 per class. Services class filings cost $325 per class.