Contract Drafting + Negotiation

Service Agreements

General Info

Service agreements are used to define the relationship between your business and new or existing customers. They ensure that all parties know what their rights and obligations are before the work is done and what they can do when things don't go so well.

Most Often Used For

Many service-based businesses eventually need to use service agreements to define the scope of work per job, how much money will be charged, and who will pay. These are essential agreements that shouldn't be overlooked by businesses and individuals offering specialized and unique services.

Types + Pricing

Service Agreements: Most service agreements can be drafted for a fixed rate. Please consult with an our attorneys regarding a fixed rate for your next service agreement. When included with other services as part of our Startup Contracts Package, standardized Service Agreements are drafted for a fixed rate of $750 per agreement. Should negotiation be required for a service agreement, negotiation will typically be done at the hourly rate unless a fixed rate for negotiations is agreed to in advance of work.

Employment Agreements + Documents

General Info

Defining the relationship between your employees, independent contractors, and the business is a key step many businesses fail to take to protect themselves. Protect your business with employment agreements.

Most Often Used For

Employee agreements, independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks, and other employment-related contracts are used to do several things, but mainly:

  • Define the relationship between an employer and employee/independent contractor
  • Set a worker's salary or hourly wage, as well as benefits (if any)
  • Provide clarity to a worker on what workers are or are not liable for throughout the course of work
  • Provide a pathway for resolving employment-related disputes

Employment Agreements: Types + Pricing

Employee and independent contractor agreements are fairly standard contracts that let employees know their rights and obligations and can protect owners and businesses from liability created by workers. Below are fixed rate prices for typical agreements:

  • Employee Agreements: $300 per standard agreement
  • Executive Employment Agreements (for C-level employees and other executives), including negotiation: Please consult with one of our attorneys about pricing.

Independent Contractor Agreements: Types + Pricing

While independent contractors are not direct employees, you want to be very clear that these workers are not going to earn benefits or have access to workers' compensation, and that they are liable for their own mistakes or negligence. Among other things, an independent contractor agreement clarifies that.

  • Standardized Independent Contractor Agreements: $300 per standard agreement

Employee Handbooks: Types + Pricing

An employee handbook is an essential training and piece of literature for employees. It's not always common sense what an employee can and cannot do, so being specific and detailed with respect to what gets an employee hired or fired is an important element for companies with employees. Below is the firm's pricing for employee handbooks.

  • Simple Employee Handbooks: $850
  • More Complex Employee Handbooks: $1,500 per handbook

Non-Disclosure + Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreements

General Info

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and non-compete agreements (NCAs) serve important purposes. NDAs tell employees and third-parties that information is secret and confidential and not to be disclosed without the permission of the owner, while NCAs restrict employees who may use proprietary information to compete against a former or current employer.

Most Often Used For

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and non-compete agreements (NCAs) are some of the most standard agreements. While many businesses use such agreements or terms in their contracts, sometimes you need a standalone NDA or NCA to protect your business. Below is our pricing for such agreements.

Types + Pricing

Lawyers often have clients who purchase these agreements through online legal services and modify them on their own. We must advise against this, as these agreements must be narrowly tailored to the statutes and case law of each jurisdiction. While online forms may serve as an inexpensive alternative to the work lawyers do, often times the end result is an unenforceable and poorly-drafted contract. Below are the prices typically charged for non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), non-compete agreements (NCAs), and non-solicitation agreements (NSAs).

  • Standard NDAs: $75
  • Standard NCAs: $75
  • Standard NSAs: $75
  • Combined Standard NDA with NCA and NSA language: $200 (recommended)
  • Non-standard NDAs, NCAs, or NSAs: Please consult with one of our attorneys for pricing.

Other Contracts

General Info

Some businesses are so unique that tailored-to-fit contracts are more appropriate. Let us create a contract to help your business. Most unique contract drafting work can be done at a fixed rate. Please consult with one of our attorneys regarding pricing for your next contract.

Equipment Leases

Below are our prices for equipment leases and other related agreements:

  • Equipment Lease: $400
  • Equipment Sub-Lease: $500
  • Assignment of Equipment Lease: $500
  • Preparation and filing of UCC Financing Statement with Secretary of State: $50 + expenses
  • Add Personal Guaranty/Cosigner Form to Lease: $20